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So, Europe was more than they expected. And they didn't have words for Spain. Marc always knew it, but Estella and Hani had never dreamt of a place like that. They would've done anything for the trip to be perfect. As reality surprises them once again, Estella and Hani will thank the existence of their attractive friend Marc forever, because even though being a bit scandalous, he will be the door for their dreams to come true.

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    26 October 11

    first of all, welcome new followers! we hope you like the fanfic as much as we do.

    and then we want to apologize for not posting for a while. the thing is we’ve got to study for our exams right now and there is a lot to translate and finish.

    so we decided to finish writing first, and then we’ll be back. we’re really sorry, but we really don’t have that much time… so we believe after our exams - they end in january - we’ll be fully back.

    we’re also planning a trip in early february, but we are sure that won’t affect much!

    hasta luego (:

    Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh